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Critical Illness

The unpredictability of life can mean that a person may succumb to a critical illness at any point in their life. A critical illness can be both devastating and debilitating. That is why it is important to ensure that you have critical illness cover in place which will provide you with either a tax free cash lump sum or regular payments depending on the policy you choose to cover you.

The policy holder must have been diagnosed with one of a number of specified illnesses which will be outlined in the policy. Briefly, those specific illnesses include cancer, paralysis following a heart attack or stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease amongst others. Payment is usually made if the policyholder survives a specified period after they were first diagnosed with the critical illness.

The assistance that this payment will provide is immeasurable. It can be used to pay for medical treatment, replace lost income, pay off your mortgage or any other debts and resolve any family issues that there may be. It will provide you with some comfort and at the same time take some of the worry away whilst you battle with your illness.

You can take out a critical illness policy as a standalone policy or as many people do, you can combine it with a life assurance policy.

We will help you find the most competitive and cost effective policy for you by providing you with a quote to fit your budget.

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