100% Development Finance: What Is It And Are You Eligible?
Demand for quality land is increasing throughout the UK. However, a good quality land that has either been granted planning permission or most likely will be granted permission can cost in the hundreds of thousands or millions. Once developed, the value of the development shoots up even more, which results in increased share of the profits. When done right, development finance can prove to be a lucrative business but many…
Good news for First time buyers seeking a 95% mortgage!
For the first time in a long time, there is hope for first time buyers who are seeking to pay a 5% deposit on a 95% mortgage! At no other time has so many options and deals been available to those seeking a 95% mortgage. This is despite the fact that the Government’s Help to Buy mortgage scheme ceased in January 2017. It only remains available for new build properties.…
Re-possessions of homeowners at a record low!
If we take a step back in time, in the not so distant past of 2009, we will find ourselves at a time where there were a shocking 50,000 repossessions of home owner property! This was as a result of the dire economic situation of the time. Since that time, there has been an increasing pressure on banks, building societies and lenders to show some forbearance for those families who…
Buy to Let fixed mortgage rates at record low!
In April 2016, the government introduced a Stamp Duty 3% surcharge on homeowners who wish to buy a second property and this combined with future tax increases, may have led to a general reluctance of home buyers to pursue the once popular Buy to Let. Not so. Whilst, it is true that a surge of Buy to Lets went through prior to the Stamp Duty surcharge being implemented, it is…



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