Life Insurance

Looking after and protecting your loved ones financially should the worst happen.

Life Insurance

Life insurance otherwise known as Life Assurance is understandably not something many people want to talk about it. It is a topic which everyone would like to postpone because no-one likes to think that one day they will be gone.

But have you ever thought about what may happen to your family and mortgage payments that were all dependent on you?

If there is no life insurance in place then you could be leading your family down the trail of financial instability, worries and pain. Therefore, in order to ensure peace of mind it is imperative you obtain some kind of life insurance policy which will secure the future in case a tragedy occurs.

A life insurance policy tailored to your specific needs will ensure that the policy will pay out a sum of money on the death of the policy holder to the insured person. This will mean that the mortgage will be repaid and the family does not fall on hard times and can continue in their usual way of life, as much as is possible.

There are many different types of life insurance policies including: Increasing term insurance, decreasing term insurance and level term insurance. These types of insurance amongst other options are discussed in further detail in Finbud’s advice guides.

What is important to know is that we at Finbud have access to a number of different insurance policies from many different providers. We will check the best policy available to fit your particular circumstances and will help you to work out how much cover you will need with your policy and at the same time take into account your priorities and your budget. Our expert advice will guide you all the way to ensure that you and your family obtain the peace of mind that you deserve.