Large Mortgages

Finbud now offers expert mortgage services and advice for those wanting one million pounds plus mortgages for high value properties in the UK. Read on for further information.…

One Million Pound Plus Mortgages in the UK

If you want to purchase a new house or investment property, Finbud will help you to find the best lenders in the UK specialized in providing mortgages of one million pounds and over, making the whole process hassle-free and time- efficient.
We provide services to all types of clients, from high net worth clients to offshore company owners. Our network is vast and includes but is not limited to private lenders, high street banks and building societies. We make sure that we obtain for you a bespoke mortgage solution to match your circumstances. We recognize your intensive lifestyle and strict time limits, and we respect that. We not only provide mortgage solutions for high net worth clients, but we also help them to maximize their financial plans for the future
We do our work with passion; we know the ins and outs, and we do not like to waste the time of our clients. We pride ourselves in helping clients obtain unique solutions regarding the mortgages they desire. Our rates are highly competitive, there are no hidden costs, details or complexities and our priority is always the satisfaction of our clients.

Options We can Offer You

We offer extensive and customized arrangements to meet your mortgage requirements which include but are not limited to,the following:

  • Bespoke lending solutions from £1million

    Finbud’s approach is genuinely bespoke, and we provide you with such lending solutions that are customized and bespoke to your unique needs and circumstances. Our one-to-one advisory service listens to your requirements, circumstances, and financial situation.

  • Large mortgage loans up to 95% LTV (Loan to value)

    If you have ever purchased a home, you probably have heard of the term LTV or Loan to value. LTV compares the value of an asset to how much debt it has. In simple words, LTV is defined as how much money you are planning to put down on the home purchase or investment property as an initial or down payment.
    If you are caught up in a situation where you find yourself without any savings left to pay the down payment for the property you planned to purchase., then contact finbud and we will help.
    Finbud is at your service to save the day because we offer large mortgage loans of up to 95 percent loan to value. You only need to fund 5 % of the initial purchase price to obtain a mortgage.

  • Mortgage Solutions for High Net Worth Clients

    Finding the right mortgage solution can be a little daunting, especially for a high net worth client because of their specific needs.
    For our high net worth clients, we have access to specialist lenders who are not tied to a strict policy but are able to provide flexability, if needed . As such, we can truly customize and provide our high net worth clients with unique bespoke mortgages solutions.

  • Mortgage Solutions for Investment and Residential properties

    If you require mortgages for your dream home or you are looking for residential properties as a buy to let, then you are in the right place as we can offer you the best mortgage solutions.

  • Mortgage Solutions for People with Complicated Income

    Our extensive network of lenders and our expert team collaborate and customize optimal solutions, which are solely based on a client’s circumstances. If your income is not straightforward and it is a little complicated to understand i.e. for example you are retired, you own a business, or you are self-employed, then rest assured we will take steps to assess the whole market and consult our lenders’ network in order to find you the best fit mortgage.

  • Mortgages for Offshore Companies

    Owning a property in the UK via an offshore company adds an extra complexity in relation to mortgage financing. Many high street lenders cannot help foreign owners and offshore companies cannot obtain mortgages.
    If you are an offshore company owner and would like to buy a property over a million pounds, then Finbud can help you by using it’s vast array of mortgage lenders specializing in these type of mortgage loans. We also have many clients who are ex-pats and foreign nationals with whom we have offered quality services and mortgage solutions despite their complicated lending scenarios.

A service you can truly rely on

Finbud will provide you with a customized mortgage which will enable you to obtain that million pound plus mortgage that you require and which uniquely resonates with your circumstances and financial situation. There are no hidden conditions and costs regarding our services. We believe in the importance of being transparent .
Our professional and highly efficient team will provide you with free and expert advice for large mortgage loans in the UK. Keeping you updated every step of the way. Our team comprises of skilled and experienced advisers who are there to guide you through the process and select the right lenders for your large mortgage loans with flexible criteria.
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