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At Finbud we specialise in assisting our customers to obtain the best secured loan rates, even if they have adverse credit. Our intent is to help simplify the process of getting the right secured loan for you, irrespective of your poor credit history. All our secured loans are all designed exclusively for homeowners, making sure that we will find you the very best solution in relation to your financial condition.

A quick guide to secured loans with bad credit

In case you have a bad credit rating, then it is most likely that you will be denied from obtaining a loan previously. But fear not, because even with a bad credit rating, there continue to be possible sources of finance for you on the market, a few of which are designed particularly for prospective borrowers just like you.

What is a bad credit secured loan?

Bad credit secured loans are loans designed for those who have poor credit histories and who have been turned down by the mainstream creditors. Loans could be agreed for considerable amounts of up to £2.5 million.. The loans can be repaid over longer intervals, typically 25-30 years, and are usually secured against property. Although there are some lenders who will consider other physical assets.

Bad credit secured loans are ideal for homeowners who have never been able to get a unsecured loan or personal loan, and a re-mortgage just does not make sense. Bad credit lenders do not deny loan applicants only on the grounds of a bad credit history. But this kind of credit will generally be more costly than a traditional homeowner’s mortgage to account for the additional risk.

What are bad secured loans best used for?

Loans are usually agreed for big sums and repaid over an extended duration, which may make them appropriate for people seeking to consolidate lots of more costly debts. The rates of interest charged on bad credit secured loans are usually lower than guarantor loans, and a great deal lower than payday loans. They can also be more economical than some credit cards.

However, bad credit secured loans must be regarded as a last resort for most people. Not only will you get charged a higher interest rate due to your bad credit rating, but your house can also be in danger. The repayment provisions will also be longer than other finance such unsecured loans, so that the loan will cost you more in the long term.

What type of bad credit incidents will be accepted?

You can be approved for a bad credit secured loan if you have had a couple of blips in your financial history, or even possess a credit report that highlights more significant difficulties. But, it’s not only those with a low credit score which could struggle to get credit. People that have very little credit history and who have very rarely employed a credit facility before may also experience difficulties. This is because the creditor does not have sufficient information to make an assessment.

The majority of bad credit incidents will be approved by specialist bad credit lender. They will take into account missing payments on mortgage, personal loans and on bill. Something as little as overlooking a mobile phone payment may even hurt your credit rating enough for mainstream creditors to think twice about financing to you.

Are secured loans the best option if you have bad credit?

This really depends upon the loan amount you need and also the term you require to repay the loan. As a homeowner with bad credit history , you’re more likely to be approved for a secured loan as opposed to a personal loan, which is the less expensive alternative.

One of the benefits of a secured loan is its versatility:
  1. 1. A longer repayment term is available
  2. 2. You have a higher borrowing limit than a personal loan
  3. 3. The eligibility criteria is less strict than a personal loan

On the other hand, the main reason behind this flexibility is a result of the fact your property has been used as collateral against the loan, so the amount of risk for the creditor is reduced. You need to remember that losing your house is a real chance, so make sure you take a loan which you could easily afford to repay, even when interest rates were to increase.

What does a bad credit secured loan cost?

The interest you pay will very much depend on your individual circumstances, like the amount you need to borrow, the repayment period and the seriousness of your credit issues. If you would like to keep down the cost, repaying the loan within a shorter length of time could result in lower interest rates. Nevertheless, this will raise the degree of your monthly obligations.

We make it simple

Secured loans make it possible for homeowners to utilize equity in the properties for a number of uses. But having poor credit history may make this procedure a little more complicated. Utilizing our team of specialist secured loan brokers can make the process far more straightforward.

  1. 1. We assist all clients with a bad credit history
  2. 2. We have a specialist team of in house secured loan brokers with access to exclusive deals
  3. 3. Soft foot print credit checks
  4. 4. Finbud helps make the process simple

Why choose Us

We’ve got the right people in house, to make sure that we find for the right lenders with the best rates, suited to aid those with bad credit score. Secured loans are developed for home owners to make the most of their assets they already have and we intend to match them with the appropriate lender

How Finbud can help

In case you have been declined a loan with a mainstream lender previously, all is not lost. Our Mortgage brokers, are experienced and will talk about your financial situation in detail, prior to approaching a network of bad credit lenders to find you the right deal. We also will assist you to research more alternative sources of financing in case the options exist.

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