How Bridging Loans Can Help You

What is a bridging loan?

As the name suggests, a bridging loan is there to fund a gap in your finances and is a short-term solution. It has a flexible lending criteria without the extensive checks that you would normally get with other types of loans.

Suitable for property conversions, auction finances, probate cases, chain breaking and providing cash injections into a business, you can rely on our expertise to help you obtain a bridging loan.

How can we help?

At Finbud Ltd we are here to support you when you want to know more about bridging loans. Having the experience that we’ve gained over the years, we’re able to offer our complete support from start to finish so the process is simple and easy.

Our website has everything you need to know about getting things started, and a great place to start is by having a look at our bridging loan calculator.

Want to know more?

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