High Value Mortgage

Understand the process behind getting a high value mortgage

Getting a mortgage is one thing but obtaining a high value mortgage that is anything over £1 million pounds can be particularly tricky. If you want to make sure that everything goes to plan and would like the security of having a team of financial experts by your side, our experienced and dedicated team are here to help.

Where do we come in?

At Finbud Ltd we want to support you every step of the way and help make the process as stress-free and simple as possible. To help this, we offer transparent and honest advice so you can get the best possible chance of getting a high value mortgage.

We will provide you with a customised mortgage which will enable you to get the large mortgage you require, and we promise to have no hidden fees or costs. Not only will we keep you posted at every stage of the process, but our expert team are on hand to make sure every step goes to plan.

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