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Whatever you may have heard about foreign national mortgages probably isn’t completely accurate. Whilst many people seem to think that it can be incredibly hard to gain a foreign national mortgage, the reality is that it is possible, and it can be done with our help.

Unfortunately, many people are put off by it because of a misunderstanding that it can be difficult to obtain, whether you’re a non-resident of the UK or resident. In actual fact, there is great availability and it’s something that we would love to help you with.

Here at Finbud Ltd we are passionate about helping people out with mortgages and specialise in foreign national mortgages.

By acting as your broker, we will do the hard work to make sure your application is simple and straightforward with no bumps in the road. To see what category you come under, it’s important to learn about each of them which you can do through our website:

Foreign national non-UK residents

Foreign national UK residents


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