Bridging Loan Cost Calculator

Work out the costs of your bridging loan with our calculator

For those that are unclear on what a bridging loan is, simply put it’s a loan that bridges the gap between finances. Offering a quick solution without extensive checks, a bridging loan tends to be approved quicker than other loans and can help with a range of scenarios.

Ideal for those who are looking provide a cash injection into a business, chain break or carry out essential repairs so that a property, a bridging loan has low interest but can be more expensive than other traditional forms of finances.

If you feel that a bridging loan is the right option for you, you may find our loan calculator to be incredibly helpful. Our calculator will help you work out the likely costs you will have to pay on your bridging loan, as well as a calculation of other fees and the Loan to value.

In order for you to successfully use the calculator, you will need to fill out each box as accurately as possible to get the results. To get started, fill out all the details now and get an instant result today.



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