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Good news for First time buyers seeking a 95% mortgage!


For the first time in a long time, there is hope for first time buyers who are seeking to pay a 5% deposit on a 95% mortgage! At no other time has so many options and deals been available to those seeking a 95% mortgage. This is despite the fact that the Government’s Help to […]


Re-possessions of homeowners at a record low!


If we take a step back in time, in the not so distant past of 2009, we will find ourselves at a time where there were a shocking 50,000 repossessions of home owner property! This was as a result of the dire economic situation of the time. Since that time, there has been an increasing […]


Buy to Let fixed mortgage rates at record low!


In April 2016, the government introduced a Stamp Duty 3% surcharge on homeowners who wish to buy a second property and this combined with future tax increases, may have led to a general reluctance of home buyers to pursue the once popular Buy to Let. Not so. Whilst, it is true that a surge of […]