Mortgage Cost Calculator

Our handy calculator will display your estimated monthly re payment costs. The indication of the likely costs will help you to consider affordability and budgeting. The calculator will look at the amount of money borrowed – the mortgage loan, the number of years borrowed over the mortgage term as well as the interest rate when providing you with the costs figure.

Buy to Let - How much can I borrow?

What will my mortgage cost per month?

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During What term (years)

Interest rate?


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Your monthly payment will be:

(Assuming interest rates stay the same)

The total amount you will pay over the term is:

Made up of £ capital and £ interest.

Mortgage debt over time

Your Remaining debt

(Assuming your interest rate stays the same)

Important Information

Please take note that the answers the calculator provides you  regarding the likely costs of the mortgage is for indicative purposes only and should not be used as definitive answer. There are many factors which may alter the calculation result. For example, the rate you pay may change during your mortgage term. This is why it is always recommended that you speak to one of our expert mortgage advisers who can provide you with detailed and tailored advice as to how much your mortgage will cost.

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