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You maybe thinking if a pay day loan could boost your credit rating? Think twice! A payday loan will not improve your credit score but may hinder your chances of getting a mortgage.

Payday loans are seen by some as a short term financial boost to resolve any immediate financial issues where no other options exist. As a permanent option they provide little advantage to people that make use of them. Payday-loans should not ever be employed to handle long term loans.

The main reason for this can be that the Rates and Fees generally charged by payday lenders are relatively high and Should for any reason you cannot ever repay the loan in full then those costs can quickly escalate.

The Existing myths of payday loans

Let us look at a handful examples. Once you borrow money from a payday lender, they legally, need to demonstrate the annual percentage rate, or APR, which is the interest which is going to be charged.

Say that the APR on that loan is 20 percent; this means in the event that you borrow £100 and repay it over a year, then you will end paying back £120 – that is the loan plus 20% interest.

When you apply this to a pay day advance, you begin to see the potential danger you might be stepping in to.

You see, although payday loans are designed to be considered a temporary short term kind of borrowing, many men and women end up expanding the term of loan for over 1 month.

Now let’s say you borrow £100 from a payday lender with an APR of 1000% (that may sound costly, but there are payday lenders who charge even higher). If you expand the term of loan to 3 months, then the entire interest you repay back will be £147 which more the than initial amount you borrowed.

The interest level is not quite as simple to work out as it was in the first example because every month you’d be borrowing to repay the initial loan in addition to the interest rate, and also you’d be charged interest on the full amount, month after month; this is exactly why it keeps going up and up, and it might be so difficult to escape in the event you start borrowing in such a manner.

There is a lot of talk out there that payday loans will have a beneficial impact on your credit score rating. The argument goes that by choosing a pay day advance and repaying it punctually and in full, you are able to strengthen your case with creditors. This however is simply not true and also the basic existence of a pay day advance in your own credit history may have a severe damaging effect on your potential to successfully apply for a mortgage

We understand that this sounds counter intuitive; normally when you borrow money and pay it back as agreed it would help boost your credit. So your probably wondering why payday loans are different?

The problem with payday loans

The issue tends to be the nature of the loan. If you borrow enough money to buy a car and pay it back over the agreed term, then this helps build your credit score, because it shows you could plan, budget and successfully manage your money.

However in the event that you need to take out a payday loan, this implies you cannot manage your money effectively. Even if you pay back the loan as consented, which possibly improve your credit history with the credit reference bureaus, but it won’t help in regards to a mortgage lender. Lenders translate credit data depending on their own particular criteria, and prefer not to see payday-loans within a candidate’s credit history.

Payday-loans were designed as a way to offer individuals fast money when demanded. As the borrowing may be brought about by something unexpected, the inference is that you had no financial back up and no additional alternatives open for you personally.

Regrettably this is something which mortgage lenders do not desire to see, that explains precisely why payday-loans influence credit score. You are going to be looked at as a greater risk, and even as someone who they cannot be convinced is likely to make their mortgage payments in full and in time.

From a lender’s stance, using payday loans is a sign of bad money management, which is one reasons we suggest that you avoid them. As an alternative, you should set something up that will help you avoid using payday loans. Even if you were required to utilize them in the past, aim to set things up so you never need to use them again.

Alternative options to payday loans

It’s a sensible idea to research different choices available to boost your cash flow and financial position as opposed to expecting payday-loans will plug some gaps in your finances. A number of options listed right below are long term, however they can all assist in preventing the type of situation which will cause the demand for a pay day loan.

  1. 1. Be careful to avoid over-spending – Review your outgoings and help save money where possible. For instance, instead of buying branded product you could switch to the supermarket own label products, pack your own lunch rather than eating out or buying readymade meals, cut out any daily lavish lifestyle events and any unused or unnecessary subscriptions or memberships.
  2. 2. Make use of cards less frequently and much more sensibly – bank cards pose as a seemingly simple route to dealing with short term cash flow issues, but relying heavily upon these if cash is short will only increase your financial troubles and move the debt issues into some other time -most likely, once they reach the upper limit and you no longer have access to credit. Alternatively, plan to pay off any credit card debt (you will save extra money on the interest charges this way) then use your card for purchases that you know that you will repay in full every month. This helps build a credit score and you’re going to avoid taking high priced debt such as pay day loans.
  3. 3. Look for ways to raise your income — It can look to be an over simplification, but upping your earnings is your sure perfect method to better your cash flow. Can you to receive another project — perhaps something part-time in the short term – or take on some freelance job? Can there be the prospect of obtaining a promotion on the job? Will there be a much better paying job with a rival company, particularly in the event that you might even cut your travel expense to work? Take care to not boost your spending alongside your earnings as the extra cost will cancel out the benefit. Make use of the additional earnings to settle debts or increase your own savings.

What are my chances of getting a mortgage after a payday loan?

As with many credit difficulties, time is essential. Credit events remain on your credit history for six years. It will take both good and bad into account. To be clear that is six years of loans and credit cards, defaults, CCJ’s, debt management plan(DMP), individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) or discharged bankruptcy. A payday loan will also last for 6 years on the credit file

Depending on the way payday loans affect your credit history, you will find a number of lenders will reject your mortgage application if they find a recent payday loan on your credit report has obtained a pay day advance recently. While other will decline your application if you had a pay day loan no matter how long ago it was.

Although payday loans will surely reduce the options available to you, it’ is still possible to find a mortgage.

Other factors that need to considered is the loan to value (LTV) ratio and the affordability assessment.


Any mortgage you apply for will be subject to a full affordability assessment, which will evaluate income and outgoings/expenditure so as to check whether you can afford the repayments. This will also verify how much the lender is will to lend to you.

Loan to Value (LTV)

This relates to the proportion of the property purchase price that you need to borrow; the remainder is going to be placed down as a deposit. Normally, people with a good credit history (and no record of a payday loan ) will be offered a mortgage up to 95%. Applicants with credit problems are inclined to put down a larger deposit, possibly 15 percent or more. The mortgage may also cost you more in terms of a higher rate and fees.

What if I have other bad credit issues in addition to a payday loan?

The more bad credit problems that are on your credit file, the harder it is to get a mortgage. Bear in mind that regardless how credit reference bureaus record the information, mortgage lenders will see payday loans in the same light as other bad credit issues such as defaults, CCJ’s and late or missed payments.

When and for whatever reason you defaulted or increased the term of the pay day loan, this will further add to your problems. Finding a mortgage with a history of various adverse credit issues is tricky, however the further back they occurred, then the better chance you have of securing a mortgage.

If it’s possible to demonstrate that while you have had problems to address in the past your finances are now on a stable footing, of course if you have a decent size deposit to place down, then things begin to look much better.

How serious are payday loans for your mortgage application ?

No matter one’s history as a home buyer – if you’re a seasoned landlord enlarging your present property portfolio or perhaps a first time buyer trying to get a foot on the ladder – payday loans and poor credit may be a significant obstacle in finding the right mortgage. Most high street lenders will decline your application based on their bad credit history with payday loans making things even worse.

We know this is really an unfortunate situation for a number of people. But, even in the event that you have had a pay day advance previously, please get in touch with us regarding a bad credit mortgage. In most cases, we should be able to find you a suitable mortgage as we have lenders that will examine your credit rating as a whole, and not just look at one isolated event.

How Finbud can help you

The greatest chance of finding a the right mortgage for you after a payday-loan would be using a specialist mortgage broker. At Finbud, we have a team of pros that know the market inside out and know exactly where to go to obtain the very best mortgage rates after a payday loan along with any other bad credit.

We’re wholly independent and have whole of market access, meaning we are not confined to any specific lender or their services and products and may get exclusive deals that are unavailable on the high street. Contact us now for free advice and no-obligation quotes; we may even assist you along with your mortgage application as well as providing you tailored mortgage advice.



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