A mortgage After Bankruptcy

Can I get a mortgage after a bankruptcy?

Some creditors/lenders might look at offering mortgages after bankruptcy, however this will be dependent on several things like the size of equity or deposit, dates of their bankruptcy, discharged date and credit use since their bankruptcy .

When can I get a mortgage after filing for bankruptcy?

When filing for bankruptcy, you will not be able to apply for a mortgage before it has been discharged. After you have been discharged, it can be possible to receive a mortgage, but a lot of variables will need to be taken into account like the dates involved and the level of deposit you have.

How soon can I get a mortgage after bankruptcy?

Certain lenders will look at an applicant immediately following a bankruptcy being discharged. A lot of elements will nevertheless be taken into consideration like the level of deposit, dates in respect to the registration and discharge of the bankruptcy, as well as also the credit conduct of the applicant since the discharge.



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