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Moving home

Moving home is another big step in life. It could also mean there is a need to change your mortgage. There are many things to think about. One thing that must be looked at is your mortgage options is for a new purchase mortgage.

Your current mortgage may no longer be the right one for you to transfer when you move house. A question that must always be asked is whether you should redeem your mortgage or transfer it to a new property?

We can assist by searching the whole of the market and find a deal which best suits your new circumstances. We will take into consideration any penalties you may need to pay for not keeping your current mortgage and point out all of the costs involved. We will also ensure that any complexities that may arise are explained and  resolved and that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of any decision that will be open to you to take in relation to a home mover mortgage.

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How much can I borrow?

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